• Kerri Sassen – Featured Artist for April 2019

    April is all about Kerri Sassen - an artist that has been with us since the beginning of Unsung Art and has stuck around...even though she no longer even lives in this country! Kerri is a fun loving spirit with a fantastic talent to create some amazing art even from something as simple letter stamps. [...] More  →
  • helo samo – Featured Artist for March 2019

    Our featured artist for March has talent that knows no boundaries - musician, hand-poke tattoo artist, painter, illustrator, videographer and photographer all rolled into one - helo samo will will push your boundaries of comfort and force you to confront your daily life as he aims to give a voice to a "parallel universe" that we [...] More  →
  • Chris Lombard – Featured Artist for February 2019

    Chris Lombard is an absolute treat! He is a very talented and driven artist who loves to create and it is clear within the first five minutes of meeting him. His style is very unique and recognisable and his works are large and command your attention. On top of all of this, he is a [...] More  →
  • Jürgen Dünhofen – Featured Artist for January 2019

    What started you in your career of art? What sparked your interest in creating art? Art has always been a way for me to communicate. It’s a way of conveying my underlying thoughts, and through expressing my ideas and emotions I feel a sense of catharsis and resolution. I have had many positive influences but my high [...] More  →
  • Christopher Ian MacClements – Featured Artist for December 2018

    This month we feature a trained architect, a graffiti artist, a beat-box master and a talented artist - believe it or not, these are all the same person! Chris Mac is as gifted as they come and he has hit the ground running this year making waves in all the right circles. With two very [...] More  →
  • Mardus du Plessis – Featured Artist for November 2018

    This month we bring you a short little interview with Unsung Artist, Mardus du Plesis. Let's jump right in... Some of Mardus' paintbrushes Mardus doing his thing! What started you in your career of art? What sparked your interest in creating art? I have always loved art for as long as I can remember. Thinking [...] More  →
  • Unsung_Art_Lau_Belcher_featured_artist_profile

    Laurinda Belcher – Featured Artist for October 2018

    This month we feature a newish artist on the Unsung Art platform, Laurinda Belcher. Her abstract paintings are so authentic and convey a feeling of the personality of this artist. Where are you based? Why there? Currently I am based in Paarl. It’s funny because I have this memory as a child accompanying my mother [...] More  →
  • Carolina Overbeek – Featured Artist for September 2018

    Spring time is here and what better way to ring in this lovely season and shake off the winter cold than with some beautiful floral encaustic works!?!? Think resin, beeswax, hiking and being out in nature collecting inspiration...Maybe getting a little ahead of myself? Let me explain: When I first came across the work Caro [...] More  →
  • Unsung_Art_Grant_Jurius_August2018_Feature

    Grant Jurius – Featured Artist for August 2018

    This month we get to know Grant Jurius, a very humble and grounded artist and Cape Town local. Not only will you find some of his murals out and about in the Mother City, but you might also have seen him feature as a DJ at some local events and even at Cape Town Electronic [...] More  →
  • Alicia McFadzean – Featured Artist for July 2018

    We managed to sit down with Alicia - a self-confessed caffeine, spray can and Cape Town addict - over a cup of coffee recently and threw some questions at her trying to figure out what happens inside that amazingly talented mind of hers. Originally from Australia, this artist better known as Cheeky Observer, has found [...] More  →
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