• helo samo – First Thursday, January 2018 at Shift Espresso Bar, Waterway House

    In our very first colab exhibition with Shift Espresso Bar, we hosted a solo exhibition for the works of helo samo which kicked off on the first Thursday of 2018!  Featuring some work that has not been featured on our website before and some brand new works that was added to his online portfolio we managed [...] More  →
  • Kath Kelly – Featured Artist for January 2018

    Katherine Kelly   For 2018 we decided to start a series of monthly features of our artists chosen at random. The idea being to get you, the art collector, to get to know a little more about these creatives we call our Unsung Art family. How they tick. What inspires them to create. Maybe even [...] More  →
  • Unsung Art Exhibition – The Drawing Room Cafe

    There's something special about laying art out, deciding where each work fits within a space, and slowly seeing a showcase piece together... until it forms itself into a collective of the incredible, individual artists who make Unsung Art. T h a n k  y o u to the artists' for letting us showcase your unique [...] More  →
  • Unsung Art - The Blue Exhibition at The Drawing Room

    The Blue Exhibition – The Drawing Room Cafe

    Tucked away in a tiny corner of Observatory is The Drawing Room Cafe. A double-barrelled name for both its historical meaning and current happening status... A place where you can sit back and relax and, a literal place to put your creativity onto paper. Unsung Art'ists have found themselves onto the walls of the cafe [...] More  →
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