Laurinda Belcher

Laurinda Belcher

Laurinda Belcher is a former preschool teacher with a background in drawing and creative writing. Born prematurely  – often noted in individuals possessing a mercurial nature – on the 1st of March 1987 Parow, South Africa.

Lau grew up in King Williams Town, spending most of her time drawing and reading at the local library or visiting her favorite statue Huberta, the Hippopotamus at the museum. She moved to Cape Town with her family when she was 11.

In the Summer of 2013 she relocated to Hanoi  – a time she describes as a process of immense healing, working as a preschool teacher – following in the steps of one of her own childhood heroes Miss Honey from Mathilda by Roald Dahl.

Living down ancient alleyways and passing the 4 km stretch of the magical Mosaic Mural daily. She felt that she had found missing parts of herself and refers to Hanoi as the city that loved her back.

Her interest in psychology, specifically the effects of childhood trauma into adulthood and how it shapes our understanding of the world is the backbone of her work. Transitioning between abstract whimsical themes and plunging into a realm of reality based fiction – where she feels safe.

Since childhood, patterns from curtains and duvet covers or the way the light casts a shadow even now, become faces and bustling cities.  A private show courtesy of the imagination, easily found in daily mundane objects.

It’s all about perspective and transforming your surroundings. Sometimes a necessary form of escape. We are made up of  (memories) stories  –  parts constantly in motion. Past, future and present.

These patterns and parts make us who we are, each different and intricate with an underlying thread.

– Our particles ( light and dark ) are stronger when fused together than apart

Her work has been described as naive, whimsical  with dark undertones.

Laurinda currently works from home where she lives in Paarl with her partner and cat Luna whilst furthering her studies in the ECD field and creative writing.

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