Leigh is a dynamic self-taught graphic designer/illustrator. Recently returned to his birth town of Cape Town, South Africa from Copenhagen, Denmark, where he has worked and lived in for the last four years. Leigh speaks three languages now – English, Afrikaans and Danish – and graphic design and illustration have been the driving force in his life for 11 years now…

Recently, Leigh has been venturing into some new areas gaining new experience in the clothing/textile industry as graphic designer for Bestseller A/S Denmark, working for one of the male brands, Jack & Jones.

His skills are not limited to a computer screen though, but he is also very comfortable when thrown in front of a massive wall. Leigh has been painting murals for 11 years now, and has painted some iconic murals around Cape Town as well as Denmark and Sweden. Most of his artworks consist of masked characters of a fictional world as well as contour lines which he considers  “vibrations” – these vibrations are organic and each line is never the same as the other.

LOVELEIGH is the “Intergalactic Nomad”, on a cosmic journey through his
own creativity, constantly learning  and always growing on a cosmic vibration.

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