Mzwakhe Ndlovu

Mzwakhe Ndlovu

Although trained as an interior designer, I am a multi-fascited designer with an open-minded approach to design as one universal language, allowing me to see different forms of design only as various dialects of the entire language.

DAMN is an acronym for Design + Art by Mzwakhe Ndlovu, a name I choose to go by and attach to all my cross-disciplinary works ranging from graphic design, product design, interior design, digital art prints and other fields.

My main interest is to explore this language called design, learn each and every one of it’s words to have the ability to flexibly express myself through it and ultimately create a dialect of my own.

My work travels through a minimalist stream in an African landscape, merging what I’ve learnt and seen from those I perceive as great designers and artist and using it together with my own personal taste and style to create authentically South African works with a global design and art sensibility to them.

I am currently working as a designer in Johannesburg and find time to occasionally make some artworks based on ideas that come to me from various aspects of life, culture, art itself and the context I am positioned in at that moment.

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