Robert Greeff

Robert Greeff

Robert Greeff was born in Cape Town. As a visual artist he works primarily in the medium of painting, often working in multi-media. By specializing in Elements of Design, he explores the dynamism of colour, subtleties of texture and movement in his work. He launched his work with a show at the Mau-Mau Art Gallery in Capetown with veteran struggle artist Garth Erasmus, and immediately followed up with a solo exhibition at the ART/1 Gallery.

Thematically he investigates “The Human Condition” played out against several research projects including Quantum Mechanics, Globalization and Colonialism, the Politics of Gender and Sexuality, Religion and Belief, Hydraulic Despotism, Psychology with an emphasis on Gestalt Theory, Media and Propaganda and recently Ritual and Connectivity. His work, described as “setting the bar” for contemporary Art from South Africa is a marriage of the intellect and the heart” and sought after internationally, forming part of private collections in Canada, Germany, Switzerland, Japan, USA, UK and Norway.

Behind the scenes Greeff contributed to the changing landscape of a new democracy and Art environment by establishing one of the first galleries of colour in the city, supporting previously disadvantaged artists, many from the city’s townships. After working in Media internationally, Greeff returned to South Africa to write a novel, consult as an Idea Generator and engage in a series of commissioned artworks.

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