– Alicia McFadzean aka “Cheeky Observer” –

Working under the nom de plume “Cheeky Observer”, Alicia McFadzean is a contemporary artist attempting to craft a visual magic in each of her creations.
She works with acrylic, aerosols, ink and digital media to produce large scale murals, fine art and hand lettered pieces.

In her shop you will find a collection of her hand-drawn illustrations, as well as a range of her typographic designs.

For Alicia, language is the fuel that keeps the imagination churning; as the means through which we absorb the world around us, and in turn utilise to express our unique ideas, authenticity and sense of self. It is with this reverence Alicia approaches her lettering practice – with the knowing that even the simplest of words and phrases, layered with the creativity of design, hold the potential to communicate something powerful.

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