– Frank Coffie –

Frank Coffie is originally from Accra, Ghana.  Art was a hidden skill for him until the year 2010 when an artist friend helped him to develop a love for it. With that passion, he was fortunate enough to study Fine Art at Ghanatta College of Arts and Design.  This inspired a desire for further knowledge and understanding. As there was still so much to learn and experience, frank embarked on studies at Ruth Prowse School of Art in South Africa.

Conceptually Frank has explored the idea of belonging through the representation of bodies in temporary spaces with reference to his own photographs and visual memories. He then combines them with the imperfections that come from using lines and mark making to express something.

The current body of work shows an evolution from acrylic almost exclusively to a focus on more oil painting, printmaking, and mixed media. These forms of expression provide a platform for his self-declared impatient character and impress an energy into the work.

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