– Liffey Joy –

Liffey Joy is a mixed media artist who lives in Cape Town and makes all her artworks with the help of her three cats.
Her focus is on experimentation and materiality with a process that revolves strongly around play and exploration. This element of the unknown adds a sense of risk but also of fun, making the experience new each time paint touches canvas.
She also combines her interests in nature and mark-making in her abstract artworks where her aim is to create interesting textures that mimic patterns seen in nature. She does this by mixing various materials such as ink, acrylic, wine, potassium permanganate and epsom salts. This combination of mediums in differing ratios creates an alchemical effect resulting in fluid, organic marks and textures that, whilst being controlled, still feel natural.
Her work is essentially planned chaos with a strong reliance on embracing the unexpected as well as adapting to the movement and marks made by the different materials during the painting and drying process.

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