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Unsung Art Podcast ALFA

Episode #21 – ‘Unpacked’ – Artist Concept with ALFA

What can we say about Al? He has been with Unsung Art for the longest time, but has been an absolute gem of an artist for even longer!!! We chat to him about his inspirational, expressive art and the inspiration behind the work – this is one not to miss!


Episode #20 – ‘Unpacked’ with Roxy Kaczmarek

We took some time out of the busy schedule of Unsung Artist, Roxy Kaczmarek and chatted to her about the concept and inspiration behind her growing body of work. “Kaczmarek brings into focus how city dwellers are informed by and in turn inform the urban landscape” using the mediums of printmaking, silkscreen and painting. If …

Unsung Art Podcast Gary Frier

Episode #19 – Art Blast with Gary Frier

A catchup chat with long-time Unsung Artist, Gary Frier where we discuss some of the new works he has just dropped off with us. Listen up to hear about the story behind the works and what else Gary is getting up to…and that he does not like snoek!?

Unsung Art Podcast printing with tammy

Episode #18 – ‘Printing Your Art’ with Tammy from Art of Print

We chat to Tammy about the do’s and dont’s of getting your work professionally printed. We consider price point, medium, printing methods and what to consider when you want to get your work professionally printed to sell it.

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Episode #17 – Meet the Artist with Pony of the Sea

Meet Katya Wagner, maybe better known as Pony of the Sea. We chat about what started her art career, her love for digital illustrations and her irrational life-long fear of fish!


Episode #16 – Meet The Artist: Fanie Buys

A lovely and insightful chat into the crazy mind of very well known artist, Fanie Buys. He sheds light on his inspiration for painting, his love for Linda Shaw and how he managed to change from wanting to study fashion to becoming a painter.

Unsung Art Podcast FML art blast

Episode #15 – Art Blast with Faatimah Mohamed-Luke

A really fun and quick chat with artist Faatimah Mohamed-Luke about the brand new works that have just launched on our online store. Yes, she uses LEGO as her medium. Yes, you can touch them and yes, they will make you feel like a kid again and who does not love that!?!?

Unsung Art Podcast helo samo Aug 2020 – part 2

Episode #14 – ‘Unpacked’ – Artist Concept with helo samo (part 2 of 2)

This is part two of a two part episode. We conclude our chat with helo samo on our journey to unpack the concept and stories behind his art. We continue to touch on some serious topics in this episode as helo samo explores some dark topics with his work.

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