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Unsung Art Podcast helo samo Aug 2020 – part 2

Episode #14 – ‘Unpacked’ – Artist Concept with helo samo (part 2 of 2)

This is part two of a two part episode. We conclude our chat with helo samo on our journey to unpack the concept and stories behind his art. We continue to touch on some serious topics in this episode as helo samo explores some dark topics with his work.

Unsung Art Podcast helo samo Aug 2020 – part 1

Episode #14 – Unpacking the Artist Concept with helo samo (part 1 of 2)

In part one of this two part episode, we chat to helo samo as we unpack the concept and stories behind his creations. helo samo is a mixed media artist using methods from illustration, installation, animation sound, film and photography to portray the relationship between dreams, human behaviour, nature and different states of consciousness.

Unsung Art Podcast tasneem profe art blast july 2020

Episode #13 – Art Blast with Tasneem Profe

We chat to Tasneem Profe about a new batch of works that has just gone live! Tasneem has been with Unsung Art for many years and we are so excited to catch up and hear the story behind the beautiful new works.

Unsung Art Podcast how to join

Episode #12 – How to become an Unsung Artist

Are you an artist? Would you like to join our platform? Inge answers all your questions and explains exactly how you can get on board!

Unsung Art Podcast MTA Ajane July 2020

Episode #11 – Meet The Artist with AJANE

Our first Meet the Artist episode where we dig around a bit and try figure out what makes the artist tick- this month we chat to Ajane and learn a bit about her love for Grahamstown, her best and worst art memory and that she loves a good beer!

Unsung Art Podcast art blast naeemah 2

Episode #10 – ‘Art Blast’ with Naeemah Petersen

A quick chat and welcome with a new artist on the Unsung Art website, Naeemah Petersen. We discuss her beautiful works and some of the messages behind the moody paintings…

Unsung Art Podcast Art Blast Nicla Fiorentino

Episode #9 – ‘Art Blast’ with Nicla Fiorentino

We chat to new Unsung Artist, Nicla about the story behind her artworks. You may have spotted the colourful creatures online recently, but know you can hear the story of how they came into existence and what makes them so special.

Unsung Art Podcast Portraiture Matt Holland

Episode #8 – ‘Unpacked’ – Chatting About Portraiture with Matt Holland

We chat to Matt about his long, tortured history with portraiture and what attracted him to it and why he is so obsessed with it. Turns out portraits are not the only thing he obsesses about, but you have to admit that he is pretty damn good at drawing them!

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