Frequently Asked Questions

We have tried to answer some of the questions you may have as both a
customer or aspiring artist wishing to join the Unsung Art family. If you
perhaps do not see something that answers a question you have, please do not hesitate to get in touch via our contact form or to drop us an email directly on hello(at)

FAQ's for the art collector

I see an artwork I like, but I don't know how to buy it?

We have got you covered! Click on the artwork you like – you will go to a page with a larger photo of the artwork and all its details. Below the details, you will see a button: “Add to Cart”. Simply click on it. Once you have done that, you can either check out immediately (a button will come up) or you can add more artwork to your cart if you continue to browse. You can also click on the trolley at the top of the page to go straight to check out. You can pay us via Payfast (Debit or Credit card), Snapscan or EFT.

Is it possible for me to see the artwork before I buy it?

Of course you can! If you happen to be based in Cape Town, just email us with the works you are interested in (hello[at] and we will set up a time and place for a viewing.

I see an artwork I like, but I don't know how big it is - how can I find out?

No problem! Most of the artworks show the size (in cm) on the shop page. If not visible there, simply click on the artwork you like and you will see an enlarged photo of the piece. Alongside the piece are all the details, including the dimensions. If you are still unsure or need more information, why not drop us an email on hello(at) and we can assist.

How much will the delivery of my purchase cost me?

Within South Africa we will deliver your parcel to wherever you are free of charge!

Outside of South Africa, we add a flat rate fee (keep in mind that import duties, if any, will be at customer expense). International customers may need to pay import duties in their own country when the work arrives.

Do you sell gift vouchers for your site?

Yes, absolutely! Gift Vouchers can be found here and are valid/redeemable for up to three years! So if you are not sure about something now, there is still some time to decide (or to convince your significant other)…

Can I buy a Gift Voucher for someone else?

Yes, you can (can we be friends?)! When purchasing the gift voucher, just advise us in the notes of this. If you would like a special note or need it by a specific day, also let us know and we can create a personalised message to go along with the voucher to make it extra special!

Can I commission a unique, custom artwork via Unsung Art?

Absolutely, Yes!!! We would love to be able to get you exactly what you want!!!

Please email us on hello(at) with your idea, style you prefer and even if you like artworks from a particular artist. If you are able to provide some example images or ideas this would be even better! We can then take this information and liaise with our range of artists to find you the one best matched to create the artwork of your dreams.

I would like to sell an artwork from my collection, would Unsung Art like to buy it or sell it on my behalf?

Unfortunately not, we only deal directly with artists that have personally produced the artwork in question.

Can I return something I purchased from your site?

Sorry to hear you are not entirely happy!!! We do accept returns, however we do have some ‘conditions’ i.e. that the return will unfortunately be at your own cost and that the artwork needs to be returned in the original packaging.

Once we receive the returned artwork in good condition, a gift voucher for the same amount will be issues that can be used to purchase any other item from our website.

FAQ's for the aspiring Unsung Artist

Who can submit to Unsung Art?

Anyone – from the self-taught artist to any individuals that have some kind of education, training or course under their belt! From those currently making a living off their art to those that are hoping to get into the industry and turn that hobby into a job can apply!

How does the artist application process work?

If you would like to apply to join the Unsung Art Family, please send us an email on hello[at] with 5-10 sample images of your work (including indication of pricing) and a short bio of yourself and your art. Our team will assess the work in terms of style, client base and if their are any conflicts with existing artists. 

Do I need to send you professional photos of the artworks?

No, that’s not necessary. As long as we can see the work clearly and it is a true representation of what you do that is fine.

Do you keep the artworks with you or how does this work?

Yes, we do.  Unsung Art warehouses all the art on a consignment basis. This way, we can ensure consistent packaging and shipping. However, this means that if we accept your pieces, you need to get them to us (at your cost) before we can put them online. We are based in Cape Town and can furnish you with the relevant details if necessary.

What type of artwork do you take on?

At this point we only take art that can be easily packaged and transported. This generally means anything on paper, canvas and board that can fit into a car. Think prints, canvas paintings, drawings,

In terms of subject matter and medium, we are quite flexible. However your art needs to be of a certain quality (at our discretion) and ‘sell’-able. That being said, you need to present your art in the best possible way i.e. if it’s on paper, use good quality paper and make sure it’s been trimmed appropriately.

Do you accept photographs?

Yes, we do. However the printing of the photographs would be at your own cost as we will sell it as a ‘printed product’ and not as a digital file.  Secondly, it is implied if you submit photographs that these will have to be sold in limited edition quantities (up to ten in total).

Do you accept limited edition print runs?

Yes, we do. Be sure to indicate this when submitting the works.

Does the work I submit/send have to be framed?

No. That is entirely up to you – if we do get framed work, we make sure to indicate this when publishing the product on our online store.

How does the pricing work?

You set the price and we are happy to guide you if needed. We accept artworks ranging from as low as R250 up to around R10 000. All the prices we advertise on the website are the retail prices for the artworks.

When setting the price, take into account how long it has taken you to make the piece and the cost of materials you have used/printing etc. This should give you an idea of fair costing for your hard work!

Do I need to pay Unsung Art for hosting my work on this online gallery?

No, but we do take commission for each artwork that is sold. That means you get paid the retail price minus the commission.

If I sell an artwork via Unsung Art, when do I get paid for it?

Unsung Art makes payments to artists in the first week of the month following the sale. We will request artist invoices for sales during the previous month on the first day of the month and then do the payment once the invoices are received.

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