– Naeemah Petersen –
I am inspired by people the different ways in which we navigate our mortality, and how there is ultimately a strange connective tissue that binds us. My work is mostly figurative – mysterious human beings, sometimes peering at us from beneath their models of the world. We don’t share their view, but we see them.

I work in various mediums but, and paint in a style loosely associated with realism, although I don’t feel bound or restricted by it. My work is informed by the relationships between light, colour, form and line while striving for simplicity and boldness in my compositions. My figures are usually hidden and often faceless, alluding to the idea that we don’t have to see everything clearly to recognise that it’s one of us. Common themes that run through my work are unity in diversity, the ‘unseen’, the future, the inexplicable, and the strange things that make us human.

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